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Default Re: Liberon boiled linseed oil

Originally Posted by PJL View Post
Boiled linseed oil and turpentine are often used as a cleaner on antique furniture but it is wiped off leaving only a thin layer. It is then OK to french polish.
I spent some months training to be an amateur cabinet maker some years ago. The guy I trained with mainly did furniture restoration, and part of this process was to remove possibly centuries of wax build up and general grot (usually smoke deposits from coal fires and smoking) in a sensitive way. He trained at the highly regarded courses at Oxford Brooks.

His recipe for cleaning he called "Magic Mix" being 30% meths, 30% white spirit, 30% Danish Oil and 10% vinegar.

The trick is not to scrub, but apply gently, looking at the colour of the rag very frequently. The meths will eventually soften any underlying french polish once the grot is removed and bring back it shine - if you scrub you'll actually take off the polish entirely.

But there are umpteen possible concoctions for this, and I can see turpentine (the real stuff, not turpentine substitute) being a good part of a restoration concoction.

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