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Default Re: I found it! A very sorry looking MK14.

Sorry, I don't know where I got that from.


I confirm...

No connection to IC16 pin 1 on the underside
No connection to IC16 pin 1 on the top side.

I wasn't able to see much underneath the IC16 socket so I took the IC out of the socket and measured from the pin 1 socket to +5V, 0V and various random points, all read infinite resistance on highest Megohms range in both directions. I think there really is no connection.

On Buzby's photo in #205 it looks to me as though the VIAs above left and above right of IC16 which originally connected...

-Pin 1 of IC18 to pin 10 (CE2) of IC6 and IC7 (RAM)
-Pin 2 of IC18 to pin 10 (CE2) of IC4 and IC5 (RAM)

Have been drilled out, so I assume they have now been, or will be, reinstated with through-hole links. The one above-left of IC16 needs to be bridged across the top side break as well as restored going through the hole.

I'll keep the issue II handy for a while in case you need any other connections checked.

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