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Default Re: I found it! A very sorry looking MK14.

Originally Posted by Buzby123 View Post
... But I've not seen much about the cassette interface. It's simply enough to knock-up on a bit of veroboard, but would be nice to have somethng a bit closer to the original, so any details on these would be useful).
You only have to ask .....
Thanks - I hadn't ever seen these around the 'net before.
So Chris O may want to add them to his MK14 webpage (crediting sources appropriately), which he's tried to put as much info he'd found in one place.

And they don't seem to be covered on the CfCH MK14 webpages, eg:
- but I do note that these state 50,000 MK14's were sold.

I do notice that they seemed to have used cheaper SRBP material for this PCB, whereas they used Fibreglass for the (also single-sided with top silk screen) PROM-Programmer board (that was a bit larger, but not that much, so wouldn't have thought strength was too important / cost difference that much)
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