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Default Re: Ampro New Educational - motor woes, issues and solutions

If you want to keep origionality, I think you are stuck with a cacky motor. These type speed regulators were also used on early cassette recorders made in Asia.
If you want to use it as a projector, I would be looking for a motor of the same size designed for a "quadcopter ". These motors are three phase, very powerful, and need a speed controller regulator with them. The electric motors start with prices as low as $10 and a speed controller/regulator about the same. To have speed control and regulation you then add a "servo tester " which is just a squarewave oscillator with variable mark/space ratio. Total cost would be less than 20 quid. Oh, I forgot to mention, that under high torque these little motors can suck lots of current and need a decent power supply. The room you would gain by using such a small motor would give you the room for the extra "bits ".
So the pics show a motor and regulator, a full mounting kit ( which is supplied ) and a rule to give you some idea of size. This motor ( its a small one ) is 27.5mm dia. Its also external rotor. Under full power it can take 30 amps !!! at 12 volts. The speed controller is sized to suit. The one in the pic is labelled 30 amps. It will rev to about 8000 RPM,s and can go down to a few revs without cogging.
Its just an idea!.

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