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Default Re: SE transformer question

Lamination thickness shouldn't matter much, really - standard thicknesses are optimised for 50/60Hz (mainly what's easy to stamp) and 400Hz (thickness reduced for eddy current reduction). And audio lowest frequencies are not far from 50Hz so if it's fine at 50Hz it'll be even better at (say) 20Hz.

The high audio frequencies are no issue because the flux swing is vastly reduced, so eddy current losses don't kick in (unlike a 400Hz transformer which isn't designed to handle low frequencies, so operates at a much higher flux swing to be able to make it small and light).

Agree with joebog1 - it's not easy to end up with a particular inductance, the more so because the figure you get depends how you measure it! The trick is to have the inductance high enough that it doesn't really matter what it is - oh, and be sure the iron doesn't saturate (as already discussed!) - and everything will be fine!
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