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Default Re: Spirit dye reccomendations?

I think all the dyes I've previously used were Colron water based ones. I think they're more "toners" than dyes technically, they don't penetrate deeply at all. Its quite easy to knacker your project if your rubbing down a coat of varnish on top and you accidentally go through the varnish. I'm very careful now to build up a few coats first before any dealing with any rougher imperfections. On the plus side with the colron stuff you can apply multiple treatments for a darker effect as they leave more of a surface layer.

I like the point about bringing out the grain first with a damp cloth, I remember reading about that a while back but have never thought to try it.

On the Rustins products, I like their Polyurethane varnish, and also the coloured acrylic varnishes are decent. Their decking oil I've found to be excellent and much better than the ronseal ones. It doesnt have artificial colouring added like Ronseal, and you can leave a nice durable gloss on the surface which lasts a long time. I did use their 2 pack plastic coating, which while very good is a challenge to apply. I've learned the secret is applying it is with a good quality fine roller. The stuff sets so fast that it doesn't settle much, leaving bubbles behind. It is also the most "fumy" VOC laden product I've ever encountered, more so then cellulose and the odour is less pleasant.

Thanks all for the contributions anyway, including Lawrence for the bad joke which I did enjoy, cant believe I didn't think of it myself!

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