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Default Re: 2016 Solihull Meetup - Saturday 14th of May

Hi All.

Thank you to everyone who turned up. It was a brilliant day and I enjoyed it immensely. I would also like to add my thanks to Khryssy for her brilliant tea and coffee making skills and her wonderfully glamorous demeanour. That amazing PVC outfit certainly turned a few heads.

Also my thanks to all the people who brought stuff for the junk swap, Mike P. for his delicious home made apple cake, all the people who brought food and John W. for his master class in TV fixing and amazing tales of TV engineering past.

Anyway, thanks again everyone and I can't wait to do it all again next year. Although I think something special might be called for in 2017 as it'll be 50 years of colour television and it'd be great to put on some kind of a colour TV display. What do people reckon? Does anyone fancy bringing something colour TV related for a display in Solihull somewhere in July next year? If so then I'll start a new thread.

Thanks all.

Kind regards.

From Mike.
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