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Default Re: The Audiophoolery Thread.

Originally Posted by Craig Sawyers View Post
Here's another one bandying around the word "quantum".

Perhaps they are uncertain whether it works or not.
Quoting from the link: "And by this way, we can only have 1 part being approved out of 16 parts (1/16 chance) This takes many times and we will drop all the unselected parts." Which to me says that their Build Consistency and Quality Assurance is appalling... 93% rejects. But they're emphasizing it as a virtue!

Originally Posted by G8HQP Dave View Post
Quoted by Argus25:
We even have customer said that the upgrade range, Is like adding USD30,000 audio tuning accessories to the system.
It is quite likely that the audible effect of one expensive 'upgrade' is similar to the audible effect of another expensive 'upgrade'.
Or even a cheap upgrade could be similar to another really expensive upgrade.

I replaced the mains fuse feeding my amplifier, cost 45p, do you know, it made as much difference as spending 1,000 on a new cryo-treated, OFC, Malaysian-cotton insulated mains cable.

Really! I measured it, the effect was identical!

(No difference noted either way )
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