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Default Re: The Audiophoolery Thread.

Originally Posted by Craig Sawyers View Post
Based on the sort of nonsense spouted on audio tweaks company websites, I thought I'd have a go with the help of a web technobabble generator. This is a made from a number of such phrases spliced together.

What about:

"Our new power purifier is based on a radical new technology. It has a phase-locked envelope-tracking resonance subsystem incorporating quasi-orthogonal synthesized advanced-enabled current-sources. The interconnected intelligent feedback uses a partially truncated, but an otherwise freely enabled circulator. The jitter-free module uses several linear incremental sensors driving the phase-noise matrix."

It just needs a suitable price tag - say $9,999 per unit for the base model, or $14,999 for the gold version, perhaps with a cryogenically-treated capsule for an extra $4,999....

recursive loop: see recursive loop
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