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Default Re: The Audiophoolery Thread.

Originally Posted by Craig Sawyers View Post

What about:

"Our new power purifier is based on a radical new technology. It has a phase-locked envelope-tracking resonance subsystem incorporating quasi-orthogonal synthesized advanced-enabled current-sources. The interconnected intelligent feedback uses a partially truncated, but an otherwise freely enabled circulator. The jitter-free module uses several linear incremental sensors driving the phase-noise matrix."

Power purifier sounds good and it gets better, right up to 'synthesised' which word is a big turn-off for the target audience. 'intelligent' is also a no-no.
'Jitter-free' is great and 'linear' hammers it home. But I'm afraid even these don't undo the damage of synthesised and intelligent. They'll be left thinking digital stuff and software is involved!

Just remove these two adjectives and watch the focus group score soar.

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