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Default Re: The Audiophoolery Thread.

Originally Posted by Craig Sawyers View Post
OK - the Quantum Noise Resonator. He's had it CE approved, the test house he used exists and the certificate appears genuine. So he plans to sell in Europe.

The UK dealer is selling them at 1090 .
From info from the Mini QNR:

"Kanon DTDK-n50ex Digital Torque Driver was used to assemble the Mini Q. The servo-controlled high-precision screwdriver was able to apply closely matched torque force onto all screw-in points. Thus eliminating unnecessary structural stress that could compromise sound quality."

I knew tightening torques were becoming a big thing in electrical wiring regs (i.e. 18th Edition) but look how critical they are for audio too!! Looks like I'll need to borrow my work's torque analyser to check the tightness of my speaker binding posts!
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