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Default Re: Audiophoolery?

Originally Posted by Refugee View Post
That coal bunker in post #80 looks like a "posh" version of the photo I showed in post#18.
I would love to get hold of one and test the black stuff to find out if it really is indeed coal.
More importantly I would love to get hold of one of these "earth" boxes and test its performance.
Several versions are offered by different manufacturers but they all seem to consist of an insulated, generally wooden, box with an electrical connector, usually a binding post, to attach a wire and some form of metal strip / wire / mesh inside to make contact with the in fill.
The infill is of various materials, coal has been suggested as one.

We all love to snip and joke about these and true, the claims made as to how they work are hilarious and are not supported by any known scientific theory. They should be totally useless.

BUT has anyone actually, objectively, tested one, both electrically and by listening?

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