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Default Re: Audiophoolery?

Originally Posted by Radio Wrangler View Post
A surprising number of people say Faraday cage or Faraday screen whenever they are thinking of screening in general.

But as Faraday screens are special ones designed to let magnetic fields straight through, it's a bit like always prefixing the word 'Tyre' with the modifier 'Flat'.

It's not authoritative, I realise, but there's no mention of electric shielding in the absence of magnetic shielding here

You'll know of course that, except when they are constant, the electric and magnetic parts of the EM field are inseparable (curl E = -dB/dt, curl H = Jf + dD/dt). Anything which affects one will have at least some effect on the other. The magnitude of that effect is less at lower frequencies, but it is still there, even down in the audio range.


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