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Default Re: Radio Project books 147/148 (Peter Haddock)

On my over-stocked bookshelves I found :

003 The Machine Age Farm (I seem to remember a class project at primary school on farming, which is probably why I have this one)

110 Mathematics in Time and Space

114 How to be a Weather Man

118 About Telescopes

139 Fun with Table Top Photography

148 Build your own Transistor Radio

156 A Laboratory in the Home

158 Experiments with Light

160 Experiments with Magnetism

167 Be an Inventor

196 Making Working Models

Another series aimed at getting children to make things was the 'Foldaplan' books. Most were abou doll's house furniture and thus off-topic (and I don't have them anyway) But the last two were by (I assume the same) R.H.Warring:

Make your own Morse Buzzer (covers both the electromechanical buzzer and a transistor oscillator)

Make your own Crystal Set (Also includes adding one audio amplifier stage).
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