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Default Vintage radio related Xmas pressies

Did anyone get any vintage radio (or whatever) related Xmas pressies? Even if you bought them yourself for someone else to give you?

I got an Evoke 2 DAB radio. OK not vintage, but they have been discussed here often enough. I haven't really played with it yet, but t's upstairs on the desk of my scanning PC tuned to Primetime.

My partner also bought me a Radio 2 Ken Bruce "Streamliner" Radio on eBay - as given away on Ken's Popmaster quiz. Again not vintage, but a nice addition to the collection. It's a trannie in a sort of classic american style.

I also had a couple of other novelty trannies (no doubt from eBay) including a more modern CocaCola can and an unknown (to me) blue dropplet shaped character with thin brown arms and legs.

Photos will be on the website in due course.

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