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Default Re: Audiophoolery. 'Cable Break In' - I never knew that!

Originally Posted by David G4EBT View Post
Now I've solved that problem, there'll be no looking back!
Wow! This page feels like home! Thank you so much, David!

I use an alloy of gold, silver and palladium for all phono jacks and I use solid 4mm silver busbar with Teflon insulation for speaker cable. I can't understand people who use multi-strand cable as it obviously messes up the frequency response.

Unfortunately, the alloy degrades after a month of so and I have to replace the jacks but the improvement in sound quality is astonishing. No smearing or jumping of signal for me and no horrible 'capacitance' in my cables.

I am saving up to buy a solid ruby stand for my speakers as the bass response is a little off at the moment. I think it's the increased humidity with autumn arriving, obstructing the flux density of the sub-woofers.
Best wishes, Al

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