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Default 1920s Grebe radio 'restricted' by ebay Global Shipping Programme

I purchased a Grebe Synchrophase Radio Receiver Type MU1 from a US seller through the GSP on eBay. It was defined as 'restricted' at the Global Shipping Center, tracking info:

"30 Jul 2021
10:43am PDT
Undeliverable - Item restricted at Global Shipping Center
Erlanger, Kentucky 41025-2501

29 Jul 2021
12:21am PDT
Delay at Global Shipping Center Item Restricted
Erlanger, Kentucky 41025-2501"

I have been refunded, and understand that the seller gets to keep his payment, but the item will not be returned to him. It is now the property of Pitney Bowes/eBay and may be destroyed.

Has anyone else experienced this with 1920s/valve radios being shipped via GSP either US to UK or UK to US?

I am very sad :-(
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