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Default Re: Audiophoolery. 'Cable Break In' - I never knew that!

Originally Posted by dave walsh View Post
True enough but it's all about what's in the head as most people suggest-if you perceive's real As I said in post 15, it's not just about audio equipment. People spend 3k on a TV when 300 one is much the same or a fitted kitchen that is so impressive they don't actually use it. The Audio irony [although I'm not sure if it still applies] used to be that when you were old enough to be able afford the Sports Car or Hi Fi it was too late. In the case of the audio it's further complicated by hearing loss which might mean you can't hear half the frequency range you've bought expensive cables to [allegedly] achieve
No, but with a decent graphic equaliser (or just tone controls) you can quite easily boost the upper frequencies to lift them to a level 'that you perceive' as being correct given your now limited frequency range. In fact I am confirmed believer in the judicious use of tone controls as no two studios' playback (monitoring) systems have the same frequency response, not to mention the mixing engineers' tastes, etc etc. That's fine for me, but audiophools sadly believe that such audio tools belong to the devil and drastically degrade the sound. Just another phoolish belief, their loss!
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