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Default Re: 'Cable Break In' - I never knew that!

The problem with electricity is that it is noisy.
Stand next to a sub station or under a super grid pylon and you can hear it.
The electricity distribution folks know this and take every precaution to prevent the noise entering our houses by the audio system.
They use very large copper busbars wherever possible.
Audiophiles should do the same, 200mm X 20mm pure drawn and annealed mirror polished copper bar is the minimum size to be used, of course you need 3, one each for live, neutral and earth. They should be fitter with a 13A plug fitted with a crystalline 1 Amp Krypton fuse eutectic alloy welded on with pure silver tails and run below the level of the audio system without insulation as that disturbs the outer atoms and destroys the skin effect.
That should reduce the number of false claims for a while.
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