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Default Re: My first telly TV22

Originally Posted by Travellingwave View Post
I guess in due course I will discover if dismantling this thing was a good idea or not. But itís an interesting learning curve and if I get stuck hopefully I can send it to Ed to be properly done!
Ok. Please remember that you'll probably have to adjust the 470pF tuning cap (increase or decrease the capacity) in order to get the lopt resonating near its maximum efficiency. Once you install it, the mismatch will be noticeable in the raster width. Too narrow, you need to increase the capacity; too wide, decrease it. With the rewound lopt in my first TV22 I had to add 200pF. I used a 1000V-rated dipped silver mica. Just don't use standard 630V poly caps; a 1000V one will probably survive, but will introduce more losses than the silver mica cap.
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