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Default Re: Exotic speaker cable - problems.

Thank you RW/David. All totally agreed.

I've travelled a long way in my various careers, until retirement a few years ago. I've worked in both domestic electronics, and later in broadcast TV & audio.
Twenty years ago, when I moved up to Shropshire, I visited a local Hi-fi emporium. Mainly just out of interest, but partly thinking that I might do some part-time work.
I was being shown round the elegant sales area, and a locked cabinet was pointed out, which contained..... phono leads & speaker cables.
I was not expecting to see 2m phono leads priced at 99.00, or indeed speaker cables at similar prices.
Unfortunately, I was unable to control my my immediate response, much laughter, and comments such as 'you must be joking'. I do especially like the gold-plated IEC mains leads...
I was immediately escorted off the premises, in case I upset the customers!
I didn't go back.

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