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Default Re: Vintage Radios on TV

Did anybody see Antiques Roadshow today (15/10/2017)? It featured a Pye M78. The owner of a rather nice eau-de-nil model said she bought it for 10p at a market in the 1980s when she was a student!! The expert repeated the old story about enraged WW2 returnees from the far east objecting (and demonstrating apparently, around the country) to the rising sun logo. "1000 were made, 800 were recalled and burnt" - and her radio was worth 1000 - 1500.
Now, I'm not sure I believe all the 'facts' of this story - least of all that there are only 200-300 in circulation nowadays. I have 2 of them, so whilst I would like to believe I have a small fortune invested in my 2, I'm not sure I have (and I'm not really bothered as I won't be selling them!)

Does anybody have any ideas / evidence about the story? Perhaps I should do a straw poll to see how many member of the forum have one of these.
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