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Default Re: Was there any disciplinary procedures in British R & TV factories?

Personally I wouldn't work for an outfit like that (who ever they are) disciplinary procedures all sounds a bit too jobsworth to me, couldn't stand being lectured to by some jumped up nobody.

Fortunately it's never happened to me as an employee which came as surprise once when as a 15 year old 5 foot high apprentice being bullied by a senior employee I arranged a meeting between a bottle of Tizer and his teeth, I thought it would be instant sack but instead I was greeted with cheers from the rest of the engineers and a well done from the service manager The person concerned never bothered me again and left the firm not that long after.

Had the odd run in with jobsworth greasy pole mangers etc when I working as self employed, last one was on a construction site, trying to blame me (and others) for his own failings, basically told him I was quitting there and then, he said I couldn't 'cos I hadn't finished the job (which part of self employed didn't he understand) Hey ho.

So far as Chris goes with the "Inquisition" at least he knows he's twice the man his opponent can ever be.

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