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Default Re: Was there any disciplinary procedures in British R & TV factories?


Yes Dave – my eyesight has been getting gradually worse over the last nine months, which has been diagnosed by my local Optician as "Post Cataract Surgery Opacification", I have had to temporarily give up driving until I can get an Opthalmology Clinic to look at my eyes and get them Lasered, which hopefully should restore reasonable vision!

I had an appointment scheduled for the 9th April but the NHS cancelled it on their own volition, presumably due to c.v. pressures, and I have not heard any more yet.

My manager has been made aware I am waiting eye–surgery.

The boardroom where they expect to hold the meeting is big enough for a colleague, one manager (not the same one who called the meetings) and h.r. will attend by video link.

Chris Williams
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