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Default Re: The Audiophoolery Thread.

Some years back I was browsing the vintage electronics section of Ebay and saw a 'lucky dip' box of valves, unidentified and untested - one stood out - I was 90% sure it was either a type 50 triode or possibly a 300B, I already had a lone 50 and wanted a second for a possible SE stereo amp build, I won the auction for $30 and eagerly awaited the delivery of the box - it arrived looking like it had been used by the post office sorting crew as a football for lunch break games, one valve only was broken - a Western Electric engraved base 300B - I was compensated by the seller as I had contacted him and paid extra for 'secure' packaging - his idea of secure was to shove all the valves in a box and stuff newspaper around the edges to prevent rattles - the compensation did not even go part way to making me feel better.
The remains of the 300B had an intact filament so it would probably have tested ok, I ended up breaking away the remains of the glass envelope and offering it on Ebay as a display piece - it did sell for around $10.
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