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Default Re: DX FM reception.

Last night about 9 PM BST I tried listening on 87.6 / 87.7 Mc/s for meteor 'pings' as the Perseid meteor shower maximum is expected. My set-up was simple: a 'halo' aerial ( omni-directional, horizontal polarization ) feeding into a late 1980s Rotel tuner. Indeed I did hear a range of them: some short duration but a few longer, about 2 or 3 seconds, long enough to light the stereo Led and the 'tuning locked' Led.

The optical astronomers reckon on seeing about 2 to 3 a minute on a clear night - but we do not need clear skies for radio detections - nor dark skies either!

I heard a couple this morning (Wed) at about 6:30 AM and will be listening out further today and tonight.
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