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Default Re: Humour in the TV trade.

I never really did much TV stuff, though as a 17-year-old-who-had-just-passed-his-driving-test I did help out a friend who ran a local TV shop. Saturday mornings were his busiest time in the shop so I would be given a couple of deliveries to do - typically "Take this telly round to Mrs. Smith and set it up". Occasionally I'd be asked to do something simple like wire-up another TV outlet, this was in the days when a house would only have one telly which would be moved from room to room, so the 'extension' was just a coax-socket, coax stapled to the skirting, through the wall to a flying-lead-with-a-plug to be plugged into the existing outlet.

One such saturday-morning-wire-job I got to do was odd: I whizzed round to the house in the trusty mini-van and was shown into the front room whose curtains were drawn and it was only lit by a single candle. Through the gloom, as well as the typical 1960s Ultra TV [the version with four spindly legs], I spied a coffin, lying on a table, with the lid off, and someone 'in residence'!

Seems they wanted the TV moved to the living room so they and the expected stream of mourners/condolence-deliverers could watch it while Old Uncle Albert laid-in-state until the funeral the following week.

Job done - quickly! - cash changed hands with 'a little bit extra for you' and I drove back to the shop; whose proprietor suggested I should have tried hooking Uncle Albert to the TV EHT to see if that would move him into the 'living' room too!
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