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Default Re: Humour in the TV trade.

I walked into this house where the lady was obviously fastidiously house-proud, and the complaint was the "Inside of the screen needs cleaning", which would have been fine if it was an old b&w Thorn etc, but unfortunately this was a modern 26 inch Finlandia (Salora).
It looked perfectly clean and unblemished outside and in to me until the lady drew back the curtains and in the direct sunlight, with just the right viewing angle I could just about perceive some streaks from her cleaning activity.
She was having none of that, the marks were on the inside of the glass!
So knowing I was on a hiding to nothing I asked for a bowl of water, some detergent and two cloths.
To prove my point, (never a good idea in these circumstances) I drew an imaginary line down the screen and cleaned and dryed one half. As soon as it was obvious that I was right and without giving me the opportunity of doing the other half she told me to leave
"So you think I keep a dirty house?"
Nothing could have been further from the truth.
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