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Default Re: Humour in the TV trade.

I went to a house to repair the TV, it was a "key under mat" job, quite a common occurrence.
When I entered the lounge I became aware of the muffled sound of a radio playing in the room, and feeing curious I went to investigate. The sound was coming from a bundle of blankets I unwrapped the tightly wrapped parcel, to reveal a small AC/DC valve radio set playing at full volume and of course red hot!
I unplugged the set before it spontaneously combusted and got on with what I was there to do.

While I was there the lady of the house returned, (a young girl in her teens with a child)
and I asked her about the radio, and she said she always left it on when she was out to deter burglars, OK I said, but why was it wrapped up in a blanket?
Oh that, the volume is faulty and it only works on full blast, it would disturb the neighbours otherwise.
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