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Default Re: Scanning of Manuals & Circuit Diagrams?

I am using linux, so may not help you, but I use "gimagereader" software for OCR. Written and supported by one guy, who is helpful if needed. No idea if available for other op sys's.
To operate on pdfs with "select" and other tools, I use okular.
With "imagemagik" I can shrink or change format very easily.
There is a pdf operator that will build up numerous pfds into one (I would need to search to remember what it is if anybody is interested.
In the past, I have created manuals using mixed pages of scan, pdf,drawings etc with Libre Office. Text I OCR directly in, drawings I often open in L.O. "Draw", manipulate if needed, then paste into L.O. "Writer". However I find i can open with Okular then transfer directly to "Writer".
L.O.IS available for Windoze, I used it 15 years ago before I moved to Linux.
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