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Default Re: Gents Flame Proof Clock

Regarding the flaking label, I was faced with a similar situation on the scale of a meter a while back. I removed the scale, taking care not to disturb the remaining fragments, then scanned it on a flatbed scanner. I used Paint Shop Pro to touch up and threshold the image, leaving a good clear black-and-white version. I then printed it using a laser printer on to self-adhesive weatherproof white film (Herma type 9500) and cut it out to fit. I washed off the original flaky paint from the metal scale (just water was enough!) and applied the label. It's indistinguishable from the original and still looks good today.

I did a similar job on my R1155 dial to restore the colours, though in that case I kept the original dial separately and applied the label to new piece of metal.

What's going on in the workshop?
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