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Default Re: Liberon boiled linseed oil

I’ve been experimenting with different finishes lately, most recent being Button Polish, which even with my crude attempts actually looks quite good! It’s hard work, it’s not something you can just slap on and walk away for a few hours and expect amazing results. It’s worth watching a few YouTube videos of it being done before trying it.

I’ve also tried Danish oil too, used it on a 1930’s mantle clock, it looks ok, came out more of a matt finish, and I also noticed it made some of the veneer shrink and begin to split. I don’t think I’ll use it for such things again, I think it’s better on solid wood, but others have had some really nice results from it.

By far the easiest finish is wax polishes, my own personal favourite being Briwax, available in different colours (or should I say, shades of brown!) and also clear. Dead easy to use, make sure the woods clean, then just rub some in with an old cloth, leave it for a few minutes then give it a good buffing, and repeat until the desired effect is achieved. One thing to note is that you can put wax onto other finishes, but I don’t think you’d be able to put other finishes on top of wax.

Then of course there are spray cans of lacquer or varnish, I’ve used Halfords branded clear lacquer on an old PYE radio before, which didn’t look too bad! Took a lot of sanding between coats to get it to look right though.

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