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Default Re: Non-working Commodore PET 3016

That looks better although the output from VR6 (the minus 5V regulator) still looks wildly wrong. Could you carefully measure the voltages on all three of the pins of that device and see what voltages you find on the other two pins? Also please read the device number off VR6, it will probably be 79(something).

The other voltages are good, only several hundredths of a volt off what they are supposed to be, that's quite normal. We'll take that.

Can you now give us a bit more detail as to background - you got this as a non-worker and you've therefore never seen it work yourself, we know that - is there anything more you can tell us with regard to its history - did the previous owner have anything to say about it - and what are the current fault symptoms exactly?

On your original wide area photo I thought I saw what possibly might be rust stains or evidence of liquid corrosion, but I wasn't sure. What's your own impression of the general condition of the machine and the PCB?
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