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Default Re: I found it! A very sorry looking MK14.

I did have the Am9111bpc in my cart at utsource but I just checked and its no longer there. I think they were listed at usd $2.70. Tried searching again but the price was up to usd $5.33 and showing as certified used. Best option now is listed under P2111A-4 for usd $2.83 also certified used but shows picture of AM9111BPC. I placed my order with ten of these included, take a chance on what I get.

Last set I ordered didnít originally state certified used but in my order history this is now showing, but the parts looked unused to me.

Local shop has AM9111BPC at cad $15 each, AM9111CPC at cad $7 each and SYP2111A-2 at cad $7 each. Iíll consider this if the utsource parts are no good but donít think its worth shipping to uk at those prices.

Utsource also list the AM27S13/BEA as third part original at usd $2.13 each so Iím taking a chance on ten of those too.

Shipping cost is a bit high and then probably customs handling and duty, but I have lots of other things included to help absorb that overhead.
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