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Default Re: Humour in the TV trade.

Another incident that comes to mind was when an elderly gentleman entered my shop clutching an Hitachi front loading VCR under his arm. He casually asked if ''I can fix videos''. I replied that I did my best. ''Well this 'ere machine 'as got a tape in it's innerds'' he stumbled.
'' I will look at it this afternoon for you '' I offered, and held out my hands to receive the machine from his clutches. The VCR remained stubbornly within his grasp as he eyed me un-easily from behind thick glasses.
'' It's got a tape inside'' he repeated ''can you get it out now - I got to take it back''. Thinking that it was a rental tape, I offered to try and release the tape while he waited. This he agreed to, and I opened up the machine. It was dead, apart from the clock display and the machine had croaked with the tape fully loaded. I told him that the best way for me to remove the tape without damage was for me to trace and repair the fault so that the tape was unloaded and ejected as normal. ''Oh, right then hmm, right then, 'cause, well,it's ,see umm'' he stammered, '' 'cause it's one of they tapes, see'' he continued. The penny dropped with me , but I could just not resist not understanding! ''You know - one of they there type of tapes - you know''. His face was rather rosy red by now and I was sure that I could not hold back the laughter for much longer.
When he called back , a week or so later to collect the machine, I reported that that tape and VCR were in fine health as I had viewed the tape many times over to test that all was OK, and that the machine had suffered a 'mild heart attack' due to the nature of the tape's 'material'!!!

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