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Default Sending items abroad.

Not sure where to put this and hope the moderators will allow this thread to stand, it being pertinent to our hobby/interest.

Sent some vintage spares to a forum member in Australia 6 weeks ago and they've still not been delivered. I wondered if other forum members have had similar experiences. i know there's a big backlog and plane travel is disrupted, however the chap sent me a parcel at the same time, mine came three weeks ago. One would think the Australian postal Service faced the same issues as Royal mail, but maybe to the volume from the UK is bigger?

So, not complaining, just dipping a toe in the water to gauge the temperature as it were. Have sent various spares to members in the UK and apart from a short delay in one or two cases all have got there ok. Also had a PCB from Belguim arrive ok.

What are fellow forum members experiences, has anyone had trouble getting spares from certain countries? Andy.
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