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Default Current State of UK -> USA/Canada post?

This was my best shot at deciding where to put this, mods please move if you think it should go somewhere else.

Last Saturday I went to a local post office - had to catch it during the reduced hours they are all operating at the moment, and tried to post three letter size / weight items airmail, one for the USA and two for Canada, and was surprised to be told that they could not accept them or parcels either for those destinations. I did not really ask them to explain in detail - the people in the queue behind me had, like me, already waited for ~ 15 minutes just to get into the shop.

During the week I took the same letters to our sorting office which opens at 7 so I was able to go there before work on a weekday. It turned out that they didn't have an in-premises post office to sell me stamps from, but they were mystified about what had happened to me at the post office.

We have an extremely diverse range of people from all walks of life here, is there anyone who can say for certain what the current (May 2020) position is regarding posting items from the UK to the North American continent? I have some parts (ICs) on the way to me FROM the USA, and I'm by no means certain that they will arrive, given the apparent situation going in the other direction.

I've been on the Royal Mail's website of course, an exercise in utter futility. There are no contact details at all - no email, no phone numbers, on the 'Contact Us' page. A classic case of a website which does everything in its power to prevent customers from directly contacting the company.
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