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Default Re: Crompton 60W bulb

Originally Posted by Heatercathodeshort View Post
The two prong fireglow lamps are pre war Berry's magicoal.
I had a good working one of these that I removed from an old electric fire at home when I was a youngster. I remember the fire being used and then I remember pulling it to bits and retrieving the orange two pin lamp. I think that the fire was taken out of use for a failed element. I remember the firework displays when they failed back then and the blob of melted wire that I seem to remember on the former of that particular fire element - I don't remember what happened to the lamp in the end, but I don't seem to have it now.

I used to have 60 watt orange lamps that were in a couple of wall lights in the house I used to live in over 20 years ago - they were still there and working when I moved, probably long gone by now!

However, seeing these orange and pink looking lamps seems to be ringing bells with me, so I need to have a look next time I'm in the loft to see what I can find - you never know!
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