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Default Re: Importing from Europe and us....

Its truly a minefield in Australia. "stuff" from china has GST ( your VAT, 10% here ) three 1/2 watt resistors from USA are $2.50 + yes, PLUS 79.99 pack and post by US mail. I have given stuff to some of you POHM lads, and you have to pay VAT plus some import duties. I have declared the value at a fraction of the bits worth, but you still pay!!.

MY biggest bugbear at the moment is postage costs!!. An empty envelope to send next door costs $1.10, and takes two to three weeks. It travels two thousand kliks to get sorted, then sent back via camel train to same town, NEXT street over.

My Chinese purchases vary from four days to three months delivery time, and I only pay GST. ( and in some cases a nominal postage/handling/packaging fee.) I KNOW that I am not allowed to discuss politics here, BUT, MAYBE, it really is time for a whirled Government??

There is something really wrong when we have to pay so much for so little.

My short rave.

with my best regards to all,

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