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Default Re: 1920s Grebe radio 'restricted' by ebay Global Shipping Programme

Originally Posted by Pinball View Post
It was the first vintage radio I've bought from the US, and Grebe of course not one you find in the UK often. Looks like it will be the last such purchase for me, as I'm not taking the risk again.

The upsetting aspect of this is the inability to communicate with someone to find out exactly what happened, just an inflexible 'no reply' corporate email. They won't even return to seller in the US from the GSP US facility. The radio is to be destroyed, or perhaps will turn up at an auction somewhere eventually. If the valves are the issue, why can't they be removed?

Just imagine all the precious, irreplaceable items that are being destroyed? Corporate cultural vandalism.
It won't be destroyed, they rarely even open the parcels these days.

It will end up other restricted items, sold in bulk to one of the many asset recovery providers that I can't mention (forum rules) and advertised on ebay with no international shipping, with the original sellers description & pictures copied by the reseller (this is allowed under the T&C's for GSP).
The one I remember has many such listings for tube radios, no parts are removed.

Asking for the valves to be removed would not help, in fact it could cause problems if the item was seized & resold, as the next buyer wouldn't know the valves were missing, unless the listing & pictures were changed to show an empty chassis.

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