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Default Re: I found it !. A very sorry looking MK14

Since we're both talking about third-party items we made ourselves (keypad, display driver), we may be being unnecessarily fussy. If both machines (yours and mine) were complete originals it would be borderline sacrilege to replace anything but when the items in question are uniquely of our own making, so who is to say that I did not originally do a better job of lettering my keys and you did not do a better job designing your display driver? (Well, anyone who reads this, I guess...)

If it had been possible at the time to obtain (and afford) a set of professionally legended keys, I would certainly have fitted them, and if you had known then what you know now your display would be brighter.

So again the compromise, I would say, is to replace what you don't like but preserve the original driver board in such a way that the change is reversible, and maybe try, in your case, to use components and materials in the new driver which are 'right' for the period and which could be taken to be the original driver circuit by anyone who has not seen it before. You could even use bell wire and strands of telephone wire for any necessary power and signal links, to make it blend in with the rest.
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