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Default I found it! A very sorry looking MK14.

Deep in a long lost corner of my attic, I found my MK14.

Time has not been kind to it, and it looks like I was not so kind to it either, back in the day.

I can recognise the cassette interface, and the board I built to drive the new display.

The board near the cassette interface looks a bit like a D-to-A resistor network, and it has a pair of wires to two ( of the many ) unlabelled sockets on the front.

I've no idea what the battery-backed circuit is for. It's got two NMC6514 1k x 4 RAM chips on it, so maybe I had a non-volatile RAM somewhere in the memory map.

The display board is from 'Sintel' ( who remembers them ? ) with 8 FND507 LEDs, I think.

The MK14 itself is an Issue 2 board, so that explains all the wiring on the back. The chopped-off ribbon was to my VDU sprite board, long gone now.

The three un-marked switches need some tracing. One is probably 'single step'. but I've no idea what the others are.

As you will notice, there are two mains transformers - because you can never have enough uninsulated 240v connections in your aluminium enclosure.

Am I going to plug it in ?. No way !.

The case is full of a white powdery substance, and it's got everywhere. I'm going to photograph everything, then take the boards out, clean up the white stuff, and then start on the MK14 board alone.

I've got plenty of spare parts, but not a lot of time just yet. It's going to be a while before Micky sings again !.


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