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Default Re: Humour in the TV trade.

I had an old lady customer who owned a GEC hybrid mono I'd sold her (funny how we remember the exact sets!) whose signal went off regularly - because she'd pulled the aerial out! Turns out she was lonely and knew I'd turn up and have a chat with her which her family wouldn't do, so out came the plug....

Not exactly funny 'ha-ha' but certainly funny - another person I remember had a Hitachi set with a trivial fault under warranty which I was asked to go and see by a shop we did some work for. The set's owner was very reluctant to let me take the back off, telling me how she'd sue Hitachi and the shop and everybody and how I might break it. She suggested that if I was to take it back to the workshop (my suggestion as I was getting a bit annoyed by this point) we would swap the insides with an old set.
She said the shop manager had told her that I regularly attended Hitachi's training courses and asked if this was true.
'Of course', I reassured her, explaining I was fully up to date with her set.
'So it's a conspiracy - you're all in this together!' she exploded.

I just walked out of the house without closing the door - I never found out what happened to the TV....

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