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Default Re: Shared Service (Party Line) emulation

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Two houses where I lived when I was up in North Wales had party lines one was the same as the type described here but the other one was different. The phone was connected to a "box" which was connected to the line. I suspect the outgoing and incoming audio were modulated onto carriers which allowed one overhead line to carry more than one than one number. Both houses were out in the wilds with only one or two houses in the vicinity.

This box had to be replaced as it failed while I was living at the house. It's possible that the original didn't like 10W of 2m radio next to it.

DACS Digital access carrier system
Or more likely its predecessor the WB900 system - audio channel plus one analogue carrier channel. See
Probably the analogue system as it was 1984 when I lived in the house just outside Bangor. I do remember watching while it was replaced and there was definitely a battery inside the unit.

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