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Default 2016 Solihull Meetup - Saturday 14th of May

Hi everyone.

As is customary round this time of year I thought I ought to organise a bit of a junk-swap and general get-together of all us TV-types on the forum. This year it will be on Saturday the 14th of May.

As per usual, there will be TV-fixing-a-plenty, eating, drinking, exaggerated tales of TV-fixing-of-old, plenty test-card music and general chitter-chatter to occupy everyone during the day.

There will be the usual fixing going on in the dining room / lounge and a workshop full of tools, spares and components upstairs for the using.

Thick crispy bacon sandwiches on lovely soft bread with red or brown sauce will be on hand up until mid-late morning; tea, coffee, squash, beer etc. will be flowing all day and then a trip to The Drum and Monkey on Four Ashes Road at lunch time followed by some kind of unhealthy evening meal for those staying late or staying overnight.

Also, although there won't be the huge pile of stuff like there was last year, if people could bring any junk that they might consider giving away / selling / swapping then that would it even better. Junk includes anything vaguely TV / radio related - bits and bobs, components, sets etc. Anything you like.

The meetup / junk swap will take place the day before the NVCF so for those people coming any distance there are a few beds / bunks / sofas / floors etc. available. There are also several local hostelries / hotels nearby. (The NVCF is about a 20 mile drive down the M40 from Solihull.)

Anyway - all are welcome and it's always a lot of fun.

Thanks everyone.

Kind regards.

From Mike.

PS. Mods - Is it okay for this thread to stay here in the TV section (at least for a little while) please?
PPS. Anyone heard uttering the phrases "first light" or "that capacitor" will be ejected.
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