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Default Survey of R&TVS

Following in from Station X's idea in this thread

Who has which versions of this valuable resource?

Eventually I'll pop all the data into a spreadsheet if there's enough to merit it.

I'll start off
I have a red 5 volume set and then separate volumes up to 1974/75.

The publishers are as follows;

Five volume set and year books 1957/58 to 1963/64 are Newnes.

(My 1964/65 has gone missing but I think that was Newnes as well)

1965/66 to 1968/69 Pergamon Press

1969/70 ILSC (International Learning Systems Corporation Ltd)

1970/71 to 1974/75 (the last one I have) Macdonald Publishing.

Over to the rest of you.

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