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Default Re: Technology related anachronisms on TV and in films etc.

Where Eagles Dare: The audience would not necessarily have realised they were not using a British or American aircraft. The Junkers 52 would not have aroused suspicion being in the area around the Schloss Adler.
Is the radio apparatus in the Funkraum that is playing the fading music correct?
I bet someone recognised the music that the operator is enjoying so much he doesn't realise he is about to get attacked.

As for War of The Worlds: I was looking for the bloopers of TV Aerials in shot & didn't spot the gramophone. At a time when there were no electronic devices in use (apart from the telegraph) there's nothing in war of The Worlds that is on-topic.
I did note that the infantry had what looked like Lee-Metford rifles. The plot is centred around 1904 as the Dogger Bank Incident is referenced as being what is occupying Parliament's time.
I also noticed a location blooper: Apparent use of the St George's Hall in Liverpool.
You can see a huge Willis pipe-organ in some shots that were supposed to be at the Admiralty or Parliament.
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