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Default Re: Baird T5 restoration project.

I've found some pictures of the Bakelite cup tube socket. I looks a bit like a distributor cap...

Hi David,
A quick internet search on my phone shows quite a few suppliers offereing single side walnut veneered birch plywood. However on closer inspection, none of the first few that I clicked on actually had Walnut available from stock.
No doubt it will be a case of it being made to order and hence expensive. Still probably the best option though.
Is a standard 1.2 x 2.4m sheet large enough to make the two sides when cut in half?

Of course there is still my OSB suggestion, very "on trend".

Btw. A cabimet maker once informed me that double veneered playwood was the way to go to prevent warping. Is this still the required thing to do with modern plywood with its more stable bonding resins?

Now, going back to the top of my post here and on the subject of Phillip's (Catkins) earlier question... Was such a wide neck a major problem for the magetic field of the scanning? EMI seemed to think so with their narrowed (at the scan coils) necks on their early tubes. Were they wrong? Think how many OBEs* could have been saved if they had not started off down the narrow neck route...

*Order of the Broken Emitron

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