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Default Re: Need an Isolation Transformer for CTX-S (Philips 14CT2006)

I believe it applies 12 volts to switch the time constant on the line stage so the top of the picture doesn't flap about on pre recorded tapes when using a vhs machine. The equivalent function was on the tuner buttons, normally channel 8 or 0 on most tv's for use with a VCR. Had a customer bring back a VCR in a taxi with his TV as he said they were faulty. I asked him if he had it on the VCR channel and he said yes. OK I said if it's a fault in the VCR I will pay your taxi fare. He turned up. Bought his telly in with the vcr showed me it misbehaving and had it tuned in to button 5 I flicked it over to 8 and a miraculous cure no flapping picture and a sheepish customer having to pay his own fare . As for the transformer one with 220-240v volts in and 220-240 volts out will be suitable rated at 120 VA. Partridge transformers have one listed for 50 but its a standard transformer so you would need to have it externally mounted
A quick google found no isolation transformers in toroidal though
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