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Default Re: The end of physical media.

Originally Posted by G6Tanuki View Post
Musical tastes change and evolve. Stuff I was happily paying 15.99 per CD for in the mid-90s - though fun at the time - does not turn me on these days.
Yes, the way personal experience stacks up must be among the larger influences on our attitudes to physical media. Mine has been different, while certainly the decades have opened my ears to music that's passed me by before, and a number of today's artists have my attention, not quite all of them on the wrong side of 40. With ever so few exceptions, though, the musical fare that delighted me at 12 (mainly a motley assortment of 78s, leaning toward vaudeville/music hall and Edwardian balladry), 22 (Peter Hammill and Magazine to Mahler and Bach), or 32, 42, 52, can hold me still. Can't play everything all of the time, but my usual response on returning to a former enthusiasm after years away is an augmented rekindling of whatever about it held me in the first place: and an increased gratitude that the physical objects, be they 78s, 45s, LPs, cassettes or CDs, are still there for me to handle and play.

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